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Get a software solution with great design up and running in no time.

Need a website to improve your business?

Bannisters IT can design and implement a solution that suits your needs.

We work with a wide range of technologies to solve our clients problems

Whether you want a website for your business or you need a custom piece of software, we are here to help. We take on projects from simple static websites, to custom complex web applications.

Our core technology stack of Ruby on Rails based on AWS infrastructure allows us to provide cutting edge solutions to our clients, which follow industry best practices.

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Wide range of solutions and services available

Our Staff:

I am a Software Engineer with a strong background in Web Development, working with a wide range of clients to find innovative solutions to their problems.

In this profession I get a lot of enjoyment out of finding simple but elegant solutions. These are far too rare in the IT industry.

I have worked with some very talented people in my career, and each of them has helped me achieve a wide knowledge base and skillset, which I bring with me when working with clients.
Owen Bannister
Software Engineer
I am currently in the late stages of a Software Engineering degree in Victoria University. I am driven by working with clients to find interesting ways to solve their problems. Software is an amazing thing to work with as there is always more than one solution, and finding the best option is something I get great enjoyment out of.

Studying in an environment filled with new technologies and extremely smart people sharing their ideas, has helped me to develop my ability to provide fresh thinking and inovative ideas for my clients.
IT Systems Coordinator

Our Services

These are some of the things we can do for you. If something you need is not on the list, please enquire

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